Self-Promotion as the World Burns

So 2020, right? What a mess. I hope you've all been getting through this without too much difficulty. I hope you've got plans to turn this coal lump of a year into a diamond down the road.

honda point disaster

As for me, I certainly haven't been posting to this site. I built a little form a while back to take requests for films you'd like to see me write about, but it wasn't working properly in all browsers so I disabled it. If there's something you'd like me to clock, hit me up on Instagram or Goodreads.

But Still I've Been Busy

Our new book is out in September. It's actually available to order now, but printing and shipping issues due to pandemic and politics will likely keep it out of people's hands for a while. We wrote this initially as a script (a Nicholl quarterfinalist and Page finalist) but converting it to a novel really allowed us to take the story to a deeper level. Reviews so far are encouraging:

dead reckoning book reviews

Someday I'll write a post comparing spec screenwriting vs. books. I've got strong opinions. For now I'm trying to take as much advantage as I can of this down time to finish writing another book, then get started on another.

In the meantime, check this one out if you're so inclined:

dead reckoning book

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Is everyone okay?

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What movie should I write about next? I have a few ideas, but I‘m open to suggestions:

 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
 Grosse Point Blank
 Hell or High Water
 Miller‘s Crossing
 Moonrise Kingdom
 Never Let Me Go
 Pan‘s Labyrinth
 Punch Drunk Love
 or something else

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