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Story Circle Notebooks
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These notebooks contain story circle templates and blank dot-grid pages that are great for breaking down your own creations or analyzing the structure of existing films and stories. Purchase from Amazon:

Help Me Choose

What movie should I write about next? I have a few ideas, but I‘m open to suggestions:

 Before Sunrise
 Donnie Darko
 Grosse Point Blank
 Hell or High Water
 La Dolce Vita
 La Notte
 Miller’s Crossing
 Moonrise Kingdom
 Never Let Me Go
 Pan’s Labyrinth
 Pulp Fiction
 Punch Drunk Love
 Star Wars
 The Big Lebowski
 or something else

Vote Results for Upcoming Posts

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votes for the next story circle
        Moonrise Kingdom (30%)
        Pan’s Labyrinth (16%)
        Hell or High Water (13%)
        Punch Drunk Love (12%)
        Never Let Me Go (7%)
        Miller’s Crossing (7%)
        Grosse Point Blank (6%)

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